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  1. Hey guys! I wasn't sure where to post this but our server isn't showing up on JKHub's list and wasn't sure what we needed to do. We do show up on gametracker. Server ip is: Any advise? Thank you!
  2. Ive been scouring the internet trying to find out more about the multiplayer aspect of the new games. To no avail. Just generic "great things are coming" from Aspyr who's handling the multiplayer side of things I guess. I really really hope they allow for cross play with PC. Just bringing that many new players to the servers would be amazing. I'm sure im wishing for a lot but maybe... Another thought I had was I might pick this up for my Switch or PS4 (whichever) and try to get people to get it on PC. Long shot but hey.. But we do have a new movie coming out so a lot of people w
  3. Hey everyone! ArchAngel and myself decided to start up the {GoDs} clan again (Guardians of the Dark Sith). We were a clan from 04-06. We have a website, forums, discord and game server all ready to go and have been playing a lot! We use JAPLUS mod and play FFA. Lots of FFAing and lots of duels is what we like to do. We are going to be adding some custom maps to the server soon. ArchAngel also can make skins and maps and he's going to be working on that as well. Our game server doesn't show on JKhub's list yet (not sure how to fix that) but we show up on gametracker for now. Rules on
  4. Hey there everyone. Been playing JKA since 2003 off and on throughout the years. Been in a few clans and have spent probably way too much time playing this game. But I don't care because it is still one of my favorite games! Obviously since the master list went down sometime ago which I found out through some Googling when I couldn't get the list to work in game I stumbled across this site and was like wow that's better than having the master list. Now I can see who's actually on what their score is (to verify if they are AFK or not) and much more. It's great and I love it! Good work
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