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  1. the clasic ones maybe like Dark Lord, Battle Arena and Challenge
  2. About the Saber Styles yes in the tab where is now saber sfx there was somthing like Saber Style: Fast/Strong/Tavion/Dessan The Presets were implemented in some Kotf Minimods like The Force Unleashed complete Saga or Black Sun Missions
  3. Hello everyone from the development team and followers of the proyect, i want to suggest a few things for the next version a few are about bringin back some of the old stuff from Kotf 2.0 and another small things to add or change. -Add the weapon Selection menu seen before in kotf 2.0, i know that Kotf 2.1 has a lot of new weapons for the diferent characters of the game but at least we can find handy the weapon menu with all the standart weapons from JKA and the melee fighting moves -while testing the current version i note that sometimes the player and npc menu dont work properly cause the console dosent allow cheats( this can be fixed by tapping helpusobi cheat in the console, but this is kinda tedius comparing it with the 2.0 version) this issue happens mostly when you want to change your lightsaber or spawn some npc´s of any kind . it would be a good idea to allow server cheats from the starting of the game. -Add a new force power customization menu for custom force power tweaking -Add the Noclip Button in the pause menu (like Kotf 2.0 did) -Add the camera Angle customization and their presets as well ( the presets used to be seen in some of the old Koft Minimods) -Add the Timescale Customization as well -the older Kotf has an option in the lightsaber menu to choose the lightsaber styles including the Tavion, Dessan and the staff saber style to be choosen by any character (for better custom games) -Bring the option to choose betwen dismemberment modes (the new Kotf dismemberment system, no dismemberment and the classic realistic lightsaber combat) -Add Blood and bleeding effects for melee weapons. Well i hope this suggestion may be helpfull for the proyect
  4. Thank you Linken for uploading the files separtly
  5. Something similar happens to me but with the Republic Tor Rebelion Skin files the models are missing and some audio files are corrupted
  6. That was for in any case dont loose my other mods in the downloading process (AIMOD and MBII)
  7. Well finaly i could download kotf 2.1 beta thanks to the launcher, i put the launcher in an appart folder of my pc and i got all the kotf files( the kotf folder that it has all its files in pk3 and a jampgamex86 dll and nothing else) the dlls outside the kotf folder and of course Kotf mp and sp exe files. I transfer the files to my JKA gamedata folder (my Jka Base Folder is clear of mods but my game data has AIMOD and MBII mod in their respective folders) so i test the mod the menu runs fine but when i load a mission or a map the game crashes saying me that it couldn´t find the saves folder. Now that i look for the manual instalation tutorial here tells me to look for another Kotf folder (Kotf- Windows) the guide tells me that this folder has another game data folder but the Kotf-windows folder is not there. PD: i choose to download the files via launcher in another place of my hard disk (Downloads/GameMods/JK3)
  8. I have to make a Copy of JKA in order to play other mods like Movie Battles 2 or there is no compatibility problems with the mod and other mods ?
  9. I can put custom add-ons like animations, effects or Ui without affecting game balance ?
  10. yeah the navs can be maked by ourselves
  11. yeah but the pc port was shit very very bad optimized
  12. Maybe it is your frame rate or the game is not running well with your pc specs , can be a compatibility issue i supose (sorry for my bad english writing)
  13. Ok i tried to download the file the day you post the link but result than the server from Torrent shutted down i dont know if its me or is the torrent link the one is dammaged... thanks for your time
  14. Hmm the link didn´t work tells me that cant find the server Ip
  15. Good Day to everyone in the Kotf 2.1 Development team I want to suggest more Download ways for Kotf 2.1 beta Well In Latin America the network isnt strong enough to download a 7,9 Gb file in a single way that would take days with the pc On with no Rest (Yeah there still places where the internet is like in the 90´s) Im From Venezuela and is just really Hard to Download the mod in a platform like google Drive so i want to suggest alternative download ways like Utorrent or Mega Thank You and Have a good day
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