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  1. The admins should actually create a thread named ,, STORY" or something like that.. where everyone should create their own story based on the kotf 2.1 gameplay
  2. @@Droidy365 it's right, it's in edit mode or something.. when i try to answer it makes me edit the question
  3. Yes, on moddb site, there is a same dimension cover so i made another one, i prefer the 3rd one or the 4th one. First two covers kinda suck.
  4. Well i sincerly didn't love those 2, so i made a 3rd and 4th one with more effects, some tie fighters etc Here is the link to the original size : https://imgur.com/2YQqfVj And here is a mini-size of the cover: From where was my ideea for this cover ? It's pretty obvious, Kylo Ren the main character needs to choose between light and dark, so on the background we can see Anakin and Darth Vader, i know, they are the same person. But Kylo may choose how his future may be. Happy and grow up beautiful, or dark and alone as Vader. Here is the link to the 4th one : https://imgur.com/aU9tnCa atfull size. Preview :
  5. I saw it. I kinda liked it but there were some lines and scenes where i thought i watch some Nickelodeon sitcom. I was dissapointed because i hoped Luke will be the most badass character, it turned out it was a old grandpa who threw his father lightsaber like a piece of sh*t. About Snoke, i was thinking about a great finale, with Rey and Ren against Snoke or something like that, not been killed by his apprentice, the same story Darth Vader - Palpatine. Both movies , TFA and TLJ , are cool for the people who don't give a single flying f*ck about SW, but for us who knew even more then SW I-VI it kinda sucks.
  6. I can translate in Romanian.
  7. Hei guys, since i heard that you guys are making a new KOTF mod i decided to give you a little hand of help and started making a cover for the new game since the one you uploaded on moddb is not so inspired, i hope this one you'll love it. I decided to put Vader - Raven - Nihilus - Ren and Maul at the ,,dark side" and Yoda-Windu-Obi Wan-Rey and Luke at the ,,light side". Give me an opinion about it and what should i improve.
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