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  1. Usually the server just freezes up and I have to exit to the main menu while waiting for the server to restart, even something as simple as spawning 3-5 npcs leads to a server crash.
  2. I tried uploading the KOTF 2.1 version to openjk, it has the same instability problems that the vanilla version had. KOTF has it's own engine, renderer and updater, so it's different than OpenJK. For whatever reason, the openjk server just doesn't like it. The simplest actions in game can crash the server in less than a minute when using that map specifically.
  3. Has anybody been able to get the Requiem Sanctuary map to work on Openjk servers?. For whatever reason, it's extremely unstable when used in new builds of JK and crashes quite frequently. I was wondering if anybody made a fixed or optimized version that's less susceptible to crashing?
  4. To clarify, I was going to do that, but there was no option to post a new thread in that section for whatever reason when I tried. So I posted it here since it was the next best thing.
  5. It's a great map, especially for a first release. I'm hoping that eventually somebody will make a skin for Snoke's Elite Praetorian Guards to go with it.
  6. I know its probably only a matter of time until a skinner starts working on a skin for these guys (since there was an abundance of TFA skins after that movie's release), but I'm curious to know if anybody in the community is currently working on (or thinking of) making a skin for them or a weapon pack etc.
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