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  1. Well, I'm not the one who asked for these vehicles but the assault gunboat would be nice to release.
  2. mhhh I didnt noticed about this limitation but the model size are okay. Later I read your advice about the model size I checked out that my distance of the origin point seems too large. Starting modeling in nowhere is no good idea So after reduzing the distance and exporting it again this seems okay right now. Thanks a lot for your advice dude. This problem has me gonna crazy
  3. Hello Fellas. Following situation: My model was created in Blender 2.8. Mesh and UV/textures are done. After this I exported it as .obj file for importing in Milkshape 3D. Later on it looked fine in Milkshape 3D I created a .qc file and exported as a md3 file. Opening in md3view or in Radiant shows a broken model. The Meshes are unlimted deforming into the void. Here is my .qc file for integrity: So maybe here are some modelling gods who can help me what I am doing wrong Some screens for better visual comprehension:
  4. For sure there are more experimenting since the release time. After all there are more usable tools to do this. For example doing ROFF-Sequences which I started last time. The game has much potential and 14 years of creating new tools and getting experience will give more possibilities of modding. But ICARUS-Scripting was ever complex. Most mappers did and I think always do Multiplayer modding so ICARUS has no high priority. No offense both Style SP and MP modding are nice stuff. After all ICARUS is much self explained and has a nice manual. I also glad to see that the modding community is still active. So seems like I found a new modding home. Thanks for reply.
  5. Well, after several trying I solved the problem. Just for documantation if someone has the same trouble: Go on SourceForBehavED and open anims.h This file contains most animation sequences. Put "BOTH_WINGS_CLOSE" and a comment like // wings close. In my case it look like this Then you can call your command via SET_ANIM_BOTH in your BehavED as usual. See ya!
  6. Hello Fellas. Since I started with BehavED once more I have a problem with vehicle scripting. I made a little ROFF sequence where my ship (e.g. xwing) just fly straight and then going down to the landing pad. All works fine but now I need to know how I can initiate the landing sequence (closing the s-foils). So maybe theres a command via BehavED who can be used or other techniques. At the moment this is my IBI script:
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