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    My first ever skins I have ever created. I used a Jango Fett model from here https://jkhub.org/files/file/2020-jango-fett/ and repainted them using paint.net took me about 2 days and here it is. Special Thanks: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Corto for his boba Fett of which this model is based. And Mandalorian for actually basing the model instalation - Simply extract the pk3(s) to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory. \npcs or model names/ mando_shadow Mando_shadow_jetpack Mando_shadow_jetpack2 Mando_shadow2 Mando_shadow3 boba_jango \GOOD GUYS TEAM/ war_mando war_mando2 war_mando3 war_mando4 war_mando5 war_mando6 war_mando7 war_mando8 war_mando9 war_mando10 war_mando11 war_mando12 \BAD GUYS TEAM/ mando_war mando_war2 mando_war3 mando_war4 mando_war5 mando_war6 mando_war7 mando_war8 mando_war9 mando_war10 mando_war11 mando_war12 with the Mando war and war mando i made two of the same npcs so you can have them on the dark or light side. I also made use of the poncho because I think its a nice addon
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