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  1. Caelum, JKHUB Level Commentaries is a series of video based level reviews started by Gibbagobba, a member of our site, quite a while ago. Once it took off various other members started their own commenteries. They all post their videos on youtube. Look for the links on our site and check them out if you want! Oh, by the way, I'm glad you joined our site - it will make discusions easier. /T-800
  2. Don't worry - I don't believe your site was created because of my suggestion. Coincendental things do happen. It was just shocking to find about you right after my suggestion. LOL. Anyway, our site administrators have all been sent emails and we are waiting to hear back from them. We are a friendly community and just want to settle things peacefully.
  3. I am T-800 from JKHUB.NET. I want to point out that our community is not at all against your community - I hope that's understood. Some of the things we have said on our site were for fun and shouldn't be taken as us being in a rage about the name thing. I actually suggested a JKHub like site for JO/JA because this past week or so we have been discussing whether or not to let JO/JA stuff on our site. We got a bit of a shock when KamOn discovered a site just like I had suggested but with the same name as ours! I hope your site is as successful as ours as been! /T-800
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