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  1. @@ent Here: https://mega.nz/#!o1QkAYpD!EJRH5mKotgts0tX2hyrLvzjWBka5nk8iinT0FaW-Qig
  2. Hi! I would like to report a sound problem i noticed during my gameplay when i use jamme engine to play Moviebattles 2 Mod. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pJKPSFQgmc It happens everytime i use that Tracking Dart on someone, even when i spectating.
  3. Sorry... i downloaded and installed jamme again and it is working now.
  4. I extracted the files to gamedata folder and launched it using start_jaMME_MBII.cmd.
  5. I think jamme is a little bugged since latest mb2 patch (1.4.1). Can anyone confirm this?
  6. yes... but check this line: $iptables -A CONN -p udp -m limit --limit 15/sec --limit-burst 15 -j ACCEPT Why the limit burst is the same? I change it to "300" (20x more) and put the whole expermental block back in the firewall. And it is working.
  7. I think i found out the cause of the problem with linux+virtualbox clients and linux+phisic-machines clients with those MBII openjk servers. Those servers was using for sometime a experimental firewall rule from this script and i had totally forgotten about it. Apparently the rules did not cause any problems with windows clients. However when they were disabled, i finally was able to connect to the openjk servers under virtualbox. I think we just need a confirmation from McPixel to make sure if that was really what caused the problem.
  8. Now trying virtualbox (ubuntu) + Openjk servers... And when i try to connect to a non openjk server on the same vm, And look, i was able to connect to a pure openjk server,
  9. Perhaps in my case the problem was virtualbox. I created a new VM but this time using vmware and i was able to connect to all openjk servers... I did a clean install and i installed only vmwaretools and libSDL2-2.0
  10. i'm not sure if i did it right... but here is my data when i do a server refresh and connect to https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2DuoWMjwuevSVk1R2NsOHFJcXM/view?usp=sharing Obs: Ubuntu Mate 14.04 32bits (on vmware)
  11. And no problem with openjk servers if i use another linux distro (ubuntu mate 14.04 32bits):
  12. I have the same issue when i'm under mint 17.1 (32bits) but it is fine with servers that don't use openjk, like this one:
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