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  1. So its finally available, and I already dumped my game, the file system is damn near Identical to the PC version, I actually managed to pull up to console window but I couldn't type anything with the joycons or pro controller, I haven't gotten my PC mods to work on the switch yet however Im sure its possible to transfer them over
  2. You gotta love this game man. Even when their is intense killing and limbs flying everywhere it still gives you that that competitive thrill mixed with some good laughs.
  3. My apologies guys. Everything I was trying to do was in this thread here: http://jkhub.org/topic/5772-turning-off-ally-friendly-fire-in-sp/ My explanation for my solved problem can be found there to in the "solved" post.
  4. It turns out i was making a simple error My problem is solved. Could an Admin remove this thread?
  5. Nice. I'll probably be looking into some saber physic coding regarding when you hit a wall. I don't exactly like the fact that the blade shrinks when hitting a wall. I think the walls nullify the output damage to. Those moments were a Reborn is in a corner. I'll be swinging at him all kinds of ways with my Dual staff sabers but I cant seem to hurt him. Damn walls be getting it the way.
  6. Glad I can help lol. Funny how I always end up solving my own issues.
  7. Yes I can. If you look in the g_combat.cpp coding hit CTRL+F and search "nodamageteam" Hit enter slowly until it takes you to the middle of the file where a whole block of code should be commented out. It should start with "// Check for team damage." all you have to do is uncomment this block for it to work. Also if you search further you should find a small segment that says: else if ( targTeam == TEAM_PLAYER ) {//on the same team, and target is an ally qboolean takeDamage = qtrue; qboolean yellAtAttacker = qtrue; Set the "takeDamage" to "qfalse" this makes it so you can't hurt them either. This way you and your team mates can freely swing your sabers without the worry of hurting each other. Works for allys with guns to.
  8. Funny enough, I solved both the issue of build errors and getting my files to work. What I was doing was changing the settings every time to fix errors i got when i tried using outdated source code. Not knowing that of course. I used github to redownload everything and thats what I really needed to do lol. All I had to do was click build without changing settings and it worked flawlessly. I successfully got the code i edited to work. Now ally NPC team damage is off like i wanted it! xD Epic win.
  9. Ok well I have a better understanding after about 2 weeks of trying to figure this shiz out. When ever I build my projects, I can almost never get the SP client to compile with no errors. The SP libaray compiles fine. but IT DOESNT WORK. I get "Failed to load Ja game library. Of course im using the prebuilt openjk client from (4-13) date. to try an open the ja libary. The few times i had gotten the sp client to compile, It would give me the "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application." error... Anybody have any ideas? What do I need to set the settings to? Which visual studio version do I need?
  10. Heh yeah its incredibly bothersome. Im just happy I got it working. Next i have to figure out this, what feels like impossible, Visual studio Openjk compiling. Nothing I try works
  11. Release gives me 4.79MB. and I tried removing the .dll files and no luck with the "Failed to load jagame libary" error. I'll keep trying to trouble shoot. If there is anything else I can try please tell me.
  12. May I ask what exactly you did? I'm having the same issue and i do have it in the OpenJK/base folder. Also could it have anything to do with the file size? the default Openjk jagamex86.dll was 2.21MB and the one I'm trying to use is 4.81MB I only edited 1 line. Which was including a header.
  13. I have a feeling that this is what I really need to get my project to work. Can someone walk my through how they compiled a game library in visual studio? please include details like platform tools, and settings that i need to change.
  14. Found the answer lol I trouble shot using modview first. What I did was, in animation.cfg there was a line that was bad. I figured that out by setting it to the default humanoid.gla modview needs to open models and it gave me an error regaurding the BOTH_A3_SPECIAL animation. I didnt need that animation edited so I went to a fresh .cfg file and replaced the messed up animation name with the old default animation data. That allowed me to open it in modview. Once I had that done, using the HxD hex editor, I went to the file location line, and did this models/players/_humanoid[Edit ->Insert bytes("_Tiala" is six characters long, so I added 6 bytes here)]/_humanoid[Edit ->Insert bytes("_Tiala" is six characters long, so I added 6 bytes here)] Replaced the added bytes with "_Tiala" After that i did this: models/players/_humanoid_tiala/_humanoid_Tiala(Right at the end here I removed 12 dots to realign the data to where it was before my edits)
  15. http://forums.filefront.com/sw-jk3-modding-mapping-editing/432075-animating-dragon.html It was on this forum. I will thoroughly run through the steps again today and try the differences mentioned. If it still doesn't work, I will then post step by step what I did to help clarify.
  16. Okay, after countless tries and large amounts of trying to get the Build to complie, I finally found what I was looking for. In the coding I found this block of code commented out. I uncommented it and tried to build it to see if that would work but it just makes my game crash upon loading a map, but this is when using the base sp.exe.When I use the "openjk_spx86 It says "Failed to load ja game library". This code is located in the G_COMBAT.CPP file. Anyone have any advice???? if ( targ != attacker && !(dflags&DAMAGE_IGNORE_TEAM) && OnSameTeam (targ, attacker) ) {//on same team if ( !targ->client ) {//a non-player object should never take damage from an ent on the same team return; } if ( attacker->client && attacker->client->playerTeam == targ->noDamageTeam ) {//NPC or player shot an object on his own team return; } if ( attacker->s.number != 0 && targ->s.number != 0 &&//player not involved in any way in this exchange attacker->client && targ->client &&//two NPCs attacker->client->playerTeam == targ->client->playerTeam ) //on the same team {//NPCs on same team don't hurt each other return; } if ( targ->s.number == 0 &&//player was hit attacker->client && targ->client &&//by an NPC attacker->client->playerTeam == TEAM_PLAYER ) //on the same team { if ( attacker->enemy != targ )//by accident {//do no damage, no armor loss, no reaction, run no scripts return; } } }
  17. My apologies like he said by shooting each other or saber damage. Mostly looking to turn off friendly saber damage. NPC's on my team keep killing each other on accident when they are fighting sith NPC's. and I would like to turn that off.
  18. No luck yet. Anyone have any further advice? Really looking to resolve this.
  19. How would I go about making it so my teammates dont hurt each other and so i cant hurt them either?
  20. I Get the MAX_QPATH error when I try to. The default humanoid is in the right place in the players folder as well as the Custom GLA, named and placed appropriately
  21. Well, Im sure this has come up several times, and I've done my research as well as troubleshooted the hell out of this but I simply can't find the answer. I followed both this guide: http://jkhub.org/tutorials/article/105-creating-an-original-humanoid-file-unique-to-one-or-more-characters/ And the one katanamaru posted on post 8. I think i went through both processes like 7 times each as well as did my own logical troubleshooting but It simply doesn't want to work. I followed step by step to the "T" so that shouldn't need to be reiterated. This is the error I am getting though: "models/players/_humanoid_tiala/_humanoid_tiala.gla has no frames" Then right after that it states "Animation file not found" For the model. And then forces the stormtrooper model to show rather than what its supposed to. Both events file and animation.cfg are in the folder with the GLA. As stated above my model name is "Tiala" The model file and GLA file have both been CORRECTLY(According to the guides) edited with a HEX editor(tried both notepad ++ and HxD editors..no luck) Am I missing something?
  22. Oh lol. I ment for JKA xD. I'll keep searching then. Hopefully ill find somthing good.
  23. Ah I see. I know what thats like to.. Hey, Do you think you could link me to a detailed guide for mapping/Compiling maps?
  24. Hell yeah man xD I'm a die hard smash fan. You play comptetitively?
  25. Greetings to all. ShadowMarth here. So i finally decided to join lol. Im a begginer at mapping and I would like to improve my skills here. You don't have to worry about a single thing as far as all those shinanigans related to copying others work. I only want to learn and improve. I managed to figure out quite a few things without any help regaurding JKA modding in general. But I hope to resolve 3 main things asap lol 1.Learning just how the compiling parameters work and how to understand each one the best I can so I can make cool maps and stuffz. 2.learning all the coding for .sab Files. 3.Figure out how to turn off Team attack for Single player(If its possible)
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