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  1. @minilogoguy18 thanks @Archangel35757
  2. I did both of those and got the same error along with "Process returned error 1" when clicking Build Model Well here's the scene and XSI: http://www.mediafire.com/download/uffczx93vq5nuv0/sheik.exp http://www.mediafire.com/download/acmouii18jlknic/root.xsi
  3. Thanks but I tried both of those and still got the same error
  4. Hi I followed this tutorial http://jkhub.org/tutorials/article/90-softimagexsi-joja-skeleton-bonestags-and-compiling-guide/ and did pretty much everything except making caps (i assume they aren't mandatory lol) So then i export the root.xsi to the _humanoid folder and i write the model.car file but when i drag it into carcass.exe I get this error: As you can see the structure is correct so I'm not sure why it can't find skeleton_root Any help appreciated
  5. Hi. Is there a way to get the same dismemberment as g_sabermorerealistic 2 without the boosted damage? It makes duelling too easy IMO. Thanks.
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