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  1. Well apparently this is a thing. Who's gonna try it? I can't tell if this is a fan project or an official release. https://sidequestvr.com/app/15472 Were any of you involved? Looks great!
  2. Well aware of that, but was there not some way to add modded force powers, or was anything that wasn't just cosmetic required at least a different dll file?
  3. Felt kind of bad that I never "published my work", but I actually don't know what type of "file" I would need to make for my edits to the force powers. Mainly force grip. What would be needed to have my modifications something you could add to a post complied game.
  4. Any suggestions or opinions? Although I have already accomplished my original goal.
  5. Lockgo

    Lack of coders

    I think I found one or two things I can fix. Where can I report and make changes?
  6. This looks like a fun game, but this is not at all like Jedi Knight. They are similar, but not the same by a long shot, only on a superficial level. I'm about to try it out since I apparently own it. My opinion by the videos, which are by no means fair since its hard to tell how gameplay is without playing it, is this. 1. Aiming It doesn't look like it has auto aim, or auto focusing like I originally thought, but it clearly is a lot easier to keep your eye on your opponent. They maybe a good or bad thing, but making someone lose track of you in a duel was a valid strategy in Jedi Knight. 2. Combat swings. This is a big one. I can't tell too well, but it looks like the swings for each "stance" fast/balanced/heavy do not seem to have much change in animation and swing angels. In Jedi Knight you had 7-8 swings per stance "depending on single/staff/or two". As well as one "special move" and the roll stabs in Jedi Academy. Knowing when to do what swing was very important. Foot work played an important part here to, the swings where based on the direction you where going "when you hit the attack button" so mastering those quick key presses while still going the direction you wanted was a very necessary skill that also let you know instantly who was new at the game and who wasn't. New players would "W + M1" or move forward while attacking doing an overhead forward swing in blue or yellow stance. Most veteran players would know to do side swings as they came close. Each swing was important, the orientation of your swings greatly mattered especially with how acrobatic Jedi and Sith are. No swing was any more important then any other swing, some just had more uses then others though. Some swings chained better with other swings, while others would give you a longer attack animation that left you open. I could write a long rant post about that. 3. Block I can't tell if there is blocking in Blade Symphony. Although I wish Jedi Outcast/Academy has a block button, its Auto block had many strength and weaknesses. Also, the force, so it made "sense" why your character would autoblock. The autoblock in Jk2/JA required that you where looking dead ahead at the opponent and the swing. If someone hit you in the back or the side it would block as well or at all. Also, your blocks where better if you where standing still as appose to walking and even better then running. Also, if you where attacking, your character would not block. You could also parry in JK2/JA. Mastering hitting someone on the side as appose to head on was very important. I personally wished JK2/JA had a block button as well as the auto block for more added levels of "Blocking". Movie battles 2 Block mechanics are pretty sketchy at best though.
  7. Its been a while. I decided to focus on my original objective. I was able to make force grip interact with items missiles and thermal detonator. I want to get back to trying to implement a physic engine into Jedi Academy. I learned a lot about gentity_t in getting grip to work. However, the import/convert-BSP that bullet includes, only really works with Quake-3 arena levels. From what I understand, you have to know how the BSP levels work for each individual Quake 3 powered game, since they all do it different. I also found that force grip was a bit wonky. Even before I started editing it. Always has been from what I could tell. Here are the videos http://www.dailymotion.com/lockgo I should also note that the rockets where put at 1/9 the speed, I actually think its next to impossible to catch a rocket at normal speed with the range force grip gives you. I was actually tempted to make an entire new force power as appose to editing grip. Sorry for the late update, though. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x373xly_2015-09-16-23-28-02-rep_videogames
  8. Ah ok, found them in SP game library->game->g_breakable.cpp and MP game library->game->g_mover.c thanks. That sucks...
  9. Just out of curosity, which file/files denotes destructable terrain? Is it in cm_load.cpp? By destructable terrain I mean how certain walls or crates are breakable, like the majority of t3_stamp, the one with the mutant Rancor.
  10. Most of it was simple references. Having to add references in Visual Studios, having to delete pre-existing lib files so it could re-compile them, and even after a few, it would still say "does not exist" even if I typed out the exact folder paths for the #include statement. After having to do that with Bullet though, I probably wouldn't have changed from newton. Had I know Bullet was going to make me do the same thing.....C'est la vie.
  11. Newton had weird DLL problems. Not even the sample programs that came with the sdks would work. Decided to try my luck with Bullet. Also, found out why the rotation of items seem random. Turns out, they are just random for some items, as the comment "// give weapon items zero pitch, a random yaw, and rolled onto their sides...but would be bad to do this for a bowcaster" stated.
  12. I was trying to find out how to implement newton, but its a pretty big undertaking. I haven't given up but I don't know if I have the free time.
  13. So I looked into the Newton code and how to implement it in my free time. I was just wondering, how long of a project do you think this is? How long did you work on this Xycaleth?
  14. Do you suggest that I should try using newton dynamics 3.11, as appose to what you had with 2.00?
  15. So I'm look through japhys, and I'm just wondering, where does your code begin.
  16. In MP, I think I would just have any item that is "moved" to simply move back to its original position if left untouched, like it does normally, as well as have it respawn back if its falling for too long. "Endless pits". Alright I will.
  17. I can make a video later on, I can't at the present moment, but its just something that always existed in Jedi Academy. Basically the object would rotate around one direction, the same direction, on its side, and then it will always land on its side, with half the object going through the floor. Probably where the model "center" was. This always looked strange to me, especially since med packs have that trapezoid shape. Just load game in single player, and force pull a medpack and watch it spin and land. Doesn't have to be a medpack, any item should do, just most noticeable with medpacks. This isn't an issue in multiplayer, since they just bounce around like balls. Which of course is because the MP engine doesn't do half the stuff the SP engine does. Xycaleth, do you need help porting your code?
  18. That looks amazing. That was pretty much what I wanted to do.
  19. Its actually in base JA, its a weird thing the game always did. The moment you move shield/ammo box/guns, the game has them "land on their side" and as they are flying, they basically rotate on a set path. From how I see it, it was a good enough illusion the game did as long as you didn't look to hard at it. since the items flying in the air won't even be in the air for longer then a second, and no one really will look at ammo boxes/guns on the ground since when you get close enough you automatically pick them up.
  20. Where would be a good place to look for the items, when they rotate in mid flight? I just want to see if I can put a set landing position, instead of how they always land on the ground on the side. or does g_exphysics.c cover that too?
  21. Last thing I want to do is rewrite the entire physic engine, since from what I read, would be a huge undertaking. I would be happy with say, if random rock debri worked like it did in the original Jedi Knight's Sith engine.
  22. Hi everyone, I was thinking trying my had at moding the force powers a bit. Specifically force push/pull, and grip. Specifically how they interacted with items and ragdolls. For example, ammo boxes and med-pacs could be moved around with push and pull, but they always did this weird rotation thing where it looks like it was having a seizure, and after it landed it would always land on its side. The same side mind you, no matter how it fell. Also, with fallen enemy bodies, if you used grip on them, there was a chance they legs would go right through the floor. Any idea where in the code I could look at to edit it?
  23. Lockgo

    How can I help?

    My main coding language had been c#, so I was actually using this experience to get more familar with C and C++, since I have coded in them before. I would gladly like to help.
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