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    YOU ARE A F*KING GENIUS! Remembering a server that was in the master but accidentally disappeared is a great idea I will exchange the master in my jk3 1.00 version jamp.exe for this
  2. Yes, yes. I know this But imagine that, you have a server, which can be killed if someone writes a star character (*) to the console (so it can be killed easily). And there is an option to kill the server by solving a really hard math equalition, what only few people can do. Which one would you fix first?
  3. OpenJK is not an option for me. First thing is I don't like it on 1.01, because it changed too many things and it can be feel on the fight system also. So much different from the old basejka, I loved. The other thing is I play on version 1.00, which is not compatible with OpenJK. But thanks for the answers I will continue to research and study the assembly code. Maybe I found a way to patch it, or I will deal with it this way and ignore the fuckers flooding servers
  4. Oh, ye got it I wanted to implement the app limitation only, because 1.00 doesnt have it all. I tested your server and some other on 1.01, it seems these servers have protection. Maybe a firewall rule, maybe a patch, I don't know. I asked my hosting now to make better limitation on udp packets. Have you already check the proxocket stuff (published by aluigi)? It creates its own recvfrom function, and returns 0 size for packets, that we want to drop. Luigi used it for q3fill workaround. I created a limiter for all packets with this, it enabled 255 packet/second, then dropped everything. The strange thing is: it worked this way partially, it stopped packets before reaching the server (or it reached, but with 0 size), but the server lagged also. So maybe this return 0 is not enough, but I don't know other way to prevent these packets reaching the server. It can attack only the server that you flood (only on specified port), so not a router issue, that's why I tried to fix myself with hooks Thanks for the answers
  5. You maybe misunderstood me. I don't talk about really dosing the router itself. I talked about valid jk packet flooding, like sending 100 000 getinfo packet in a second. I think the only prevention is limiting this socket communication / ip. Ofc this can be done before reaching the application itself (firewall etc), but I'm sure this can be limited application level also (like hooking the socket reader functions, or prevent the program answering the packets repeately).
  6. Hello, I would like to cooperate with other programmers, testert, server owners to get rid of the annoying udp socket flood. I will collect everything we know about this topic here and make it easier our job to fix. I would like to ask everyone, if you know something about this topic in the game, then share your information. If you are a server owner, it would be nice of you if you would offer your server as a test one for this work. So all I know now: - I have test all servers on version 1.00 (where there are only windows servers mostly): All windows servers are fully lagged out, nubsmoo's linux server seems to be ignoring the flood at all. - The flood: Any acceptable packet, that a server can handle: getinfo, getstatus, getchallenge, ipAuthorize, rcon, connect, disconnect (I've tested with getinfo only, without any challenge parameter) - Every server had a smaller lag if I sent invalid packet (without \xFF\xFF\xFF\xFF forexample). - I have tested aluigi's hooked recvfrom() function, I have edited it: if the attacker sends more than 200 packets in one second, then it would drop any other packets until quitting the application. - This one made the server invisible for me after the flood, and made me 999, if I did the flood during being on the server, but I was able to flood later also. It made smalled lag, but the server lagged.. - I don't know about 1.01 servers, but as I read earlier in this forum, the servers are vulnerable. Tell if you have a not vulnerable edition - nubsmoo's linux server use a not-release edition build (containing debug symbols and commands).
  7. I know these. Microsoft had always different view of C++. The VC++ isnt compatible with the "official" c++ compiler (like gcc) now and in the past also, but Im sure the jk source can be compiled with VC++ compiler with the original opengl library (if i remember well 1.5(?)) without problems Impossible is nothing in programming. 2 years ago on stackoverflow they said it is impossible to send the original jk server output to the standard input, but I did: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19298861/reading-console-buffer-output-c
  8. And also, I don't think the result will be as good as we imagine There are many developers for 1.00 also. We worked hard before the SDK and the source code also I was really active in the past 4-5 years in jkja development with a few others. 1.00 have issues still, but we created everything to protect our servers. So 1.00 is really playable I don't understand eezstreet. Compilers can compile the original sourcecode, then why it does not compile the modified one? 1.01 is only 1 month younger, than the 1.00.
  9. Hello, Sorry, I was really busy these days, weeks. I will try to answer every ideas, questions in this one post. Circa: Yes it would be great to make a tag for downloads for 1.00, because many things just does not work on 1.01 (like: all server and clientmod, that patches the dlls or the exe). It would be great to make it easier to find those files, topics that is for the 1.00 section. Clan FJA: I have played 1.01 for years, but I don't know... I prefer the community on 1.00. Maybe because here easier to know most of the ppl, because there are less people playing. I also prefer the fighting system, the blocks are higher on 1.00, but more precious, than on 1.01. I saw the topic, where eezstreet busted this myth, but this is true anywai. The whole socket communication is different, the snapshotting is different also. And you mentioned the bugs I am a programmer and I was able to fix the biggest ones (Fixed bug regarding turning off of second saber., Fixed exploit allowing for illegal character models., Various exploit fixes.) Botdra: Bugs can be fixed without the source of the game (There is no SDK or source code for 1.00). I can fix many things in assembly (It's the closest readable language for the language of the processor). The 1.01 modified too many things in the game, that we just don't like. But it is your business always to like or don't like things. And for all: The game does not require a setup for being able to play (I mean this game is like a portable one). So if you copy the files it requires into folders, then double click on the jamp.exe, it will run (if you have the background libraries for this software, like c++ redist etc). So you don't have to choose between versions! Most of use (1.00 players) play on both versions You can create two folder for this game, one for 1.00, one for 1.01 and play both. I have created many useful server modifications and many useful client modification for out version, so it won't be less fun than 1.01. Like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00_sqVi9Wsk . Also my server (The Jedi Academy - is a modded one. I added some extras based on the ones i loved on japlus (more duels, maxhp duel start, hp showing after duels, black names, no forcepower required for jumps and some others), so its fun too This is why we does not need a full mod support for it If you are interested in this version also, lets give it a chance and try it out yourself, don't believe other's opinion. Daniel
  10. This is the main website of Jedi Academy now, and I do not understand why it does not have any contents for the older version. And when we ask for something in JkHub forum for 1.00 to support, then answer is "Oh, so you're one of THOSE guys... Yeah, have fun. " (This was written by eezstreet). Personally I created many useful things for both versions, and helped players to solve their problems with cvars, mods, or tech issue. I really do not get why admins take side of a game and support only their preferred version. It would be easier to work together in this almost dead game. Forexample I have a working NOCD Crack + Cvar unlocker (cg_thirdpersonrange unlocker for HD Graphic) for both version, what is should be a must-have file for everyone who has 16:9 screen. Now it works only with base (not-modded) versions, but it can be extended easily. (more info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00_sqVi9Wsk) So just think about a full support without ignoring players, just because they are playing another version.
  11. There are some numbers that is accepted above 7. Try g_maxforcerank 120
  12. I'm Daniel. I can remove that CRC check easily from jamp.exe, I have already done that on 1.00 client side. What do you want to create exactly? Should I exchange masterjk3.ravensoft.com to master.jkhub.org in the jamp.exe? Write email about it for me: daniel@jediacademy.hu I published a jamp.exe for 1.00 with built-in cvarhack, maxpackets upper limit remover, working no-cd crack. It can be found here: jediacademy.hu/files
  13. you can use cheat engine for this little stuff, or any process editor. and as it was mentiones, the highest value on the hud is 999 (but you can have higher health ofc). This works in MP also, but keep in mind that, if you raise the maximum health, than your damage will be higher also, because it works on the same memory address. And the shield will be raised also, because that reads the same value too
  14. I just wrote a letter about this to the staff. I haven't found this topic earlier. It would be a great idea to create an API for getting server list. Most of the hosting companies block the non-standard ports, so It's almost impossible to get server list. I have created a site, that can get these datas from masterjk3 and jkhub, and it works with protocol 25 and 26 also, but now it runs on my local computer only, when my computer is turned on. Also, I don't think that it can even help others to ddos servers. If they want to ddos servers, then they ask the server list from the masters themself. It's not that big deal. Everyone can get the IP-s from master by sending getservers %PROTOCOL% to masterjk3.ravensoft.com or master.jkhub.org, so I don't think that it will help them to attack in any case. But it is a good idea to cache the response for 30-60 seconds in database, because php sockets are too slow. You have to get the serverlist first, then iterate on the list of the ip addresses, and create new socket request on each. It takes really long time. And also it is good for security reason also.
  15. I use older version (1.00), so I can not build jampded.exe, so I can't use OpenJK as well I need to redirect the output of the existing jampded. I have to parse the output somehow.
  16. Hi! My idea is quite simple, I want to create an output redirection to my exe.. I have been trying for weeks without success. It seems, jampded does not write to stdout, so it can not be piped with batch file. I tried these things to do: CreateProcess and CreatePipeAttachConsoleSimple Batch output redirection (jampded.exe 1> stdout.txt 2> stderror.txt) not working..Has anyone any idea?
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