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[Upcoming] JKGalaxies 1.4.0

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Jedi Knight Galaxies v1.4.0 will feature lightsaber combat. While this system was working in previous versions, the move to OpenJK broke the blocking system somehow and it needs to be looked at. JKG's lightsaber combat was developed from scratch, using the base lightsaber code as a starting point.


We will also be diversifying the game modes. This version will introduce a new gametype, Duel Mode, which is similar to the original game's duel mode. Like JKA, you take turns fighting each other. The winner of each round is awarded some credits. Players who are spectating can place bets on fighters. The first person to reach the credit limit wins. You can purchase equipment as a spectator or a fighter. More expensive lightsabers are often better than the cheap ones, but you will of course need to pool your credits to win!


New Features

  • To be completed

Bug Fixes

  • To be completed
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