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Target_Activate Problem

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I feel like I've been making dozens of these recently! A particular target_activate in my map doesn't seem to be working and I'm struggling to work out why before sleeping on it. I've two doors which open together into the main dojo. The key/value combinations are as follows:


angle 270 (and 90)
classname func_door
soundset impdoor1
spawnflags 128 (inactive checkbox ticked)
speed 60
targetname arenaentrance
team duel
wait 5
I've then made a target_activate, the targetname of it is "arenaunlock", the "target" is "arenaentrance".
Finally, I have a script which reads as follows:
rem ( "The player can unlock the dojo if they bother to pick up a training saber." );

affect ( "player", /*@AFFECT_TYPE*/ FLUSH )
set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_WEAPON", /*@[member='weaponx']_NAMES*/ "WP_SABER" );
set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_SABER1", "SINGLE_1" );
set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_SABER1_COLOR1", "yellow" );

use ( "arenaunlock" );
use ( "lockoff" );
"lockoff" is a target_deactivate which disables a target_print and target_speaker informing the player why they can't open the door. This part of the script works completely fine, the doors just don't unlock and remain inactive.
As stated above, I have plenty of other target_activates in the map, I'm not sure why this one in particular is being a problem. If anyone has any ideas/suggestions, please drop a note!  ^_^


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Since I can't delete my own thread! I solved this a moment ago after looking at the original Jedi Outcast temple for reference. Rather than tick "inactive", I've ticked "locked", which contrary to what GTKRadiant says, will allow you to use the door again. So a trigger_once points to a target_relay which in turn points to a locked door. Firing the trigger unlocks the door, no target_activate required.  :winkthumb:

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