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Three random suggestions


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I'll get right to it, then discuss below:

  • Blaster pistol customization support (like lightsabers) -- select blaster model, blaster bolt color and secondary fire mode (i.e. 3-shot burst, charge, stun). This would also free a weapon slot for modders as they could replace the bryar if they wanted
  • FEEDER_Q3HEADS support for single player -- I have a menu already set up so that players choose either species or something from the MP character list, but it doesn't actually pull the list in SP
  • An "it's hard coded" list -- essentially what assets are limited. Like 64 max saber hilts, 400 NPC limit, etc. Not really a code thing, but to fish through as an individual to find all these might be a bit overwhelming, whereas the community as a whole could probably put a list out quickly

So the first one probably isn't really an OpenJK thing, but more of an enhancement for some fork off of OpenJK. That might be more of a JK:E or some unofficial JA patch type thing. The feeder issue I think fits in as it's just an improvement to the original code. I don't have the latest build of OpenJK on my machine, so maybe this was fixed at some point, but I know it doesn't work with the base game. As far as the hard coded list is concerned, it'd be nice to know what the original limits were, if they've changed, etc.



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