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Using the console as chat


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Since this has been discarded as an issue (which I now understand why), I would like to post it as a suggestion.
To have an option to enable this feature as a client Cvar.

The fact that you can't use the console as chat (without the say command) is a little annoyance, its something that was possible in vanilla and a quality of life feature for chatting in-game while doing other things.

 This has been possible since JKO.

Something like, cl_ConsoleSay, 0 by default, and when you set it to 1, you enable this feature.


This was removed by design to prevent sending chat of commands that don't exist such as typing in a typo of rconPassword and sending your password to the server.

I understand why this was removed, but I see this as a very specific situation, and even more because you can auto complete with [TAB]. Also, using the console as chat, is a very specific situation too, but removing a feature completely because of a very specific situation, instead of giving an option to enable it is a bad thing for OpenJK.

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I don't see why you needed to take the discussion from GitHub issue that still exists (just closed) to a separate forum post.


Regardless, it is unlikely to be switched back even with a toggle.  Use the chat box for talking as you're supposed to or type the respective say command "say" "say_team" before typing into the console.  Not that difficult to adapt.  And correction its been possible since Q3A, which pre-dates jk2 of course.  Seeing as there isn't a lot of activity from anyone of the maintainers at the moment, this is more the reason why it won't get included unless a pull request has been provided and accepted.  You are free to do so or implement in your fork for your personal use.

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I though that making a post for the suggestion was a good idea to keep the issue tracker clean, sorry about that.


On the topic, I'll do that then, I can understand that this, even if it would be accepted,is a low priority thing. So I'm going to check the "unknown command" block from the released JA code and compare it to the actual one, then make a Cvar to switch to toggle from one mode and another.


Thanks for the suggestion about the pull /r, I'll do it as soon as I achieve this.

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You can still post on closed issues unless it's been explicitly locked. ;)  Continuing discussion in a single place etc.  This wouldn't have been making the issue tracker not clean.  A new tracker issue would have, yes.


Looking at the unknown command part won't help.  It's explicitly handled in Console_Key in cl_keys.cpp for MP.  Might be better to allow the command to be customizable instead of enforcing it to be nothing or "say", no?

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