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[List] Buff/Debuff Icons

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There really isn't a centralized set of debuffs that occur on the player, rather this is a set of things that might trigger a buff icon. Buff/debuff icons appear on the left side of the screen, along with a timer (if the event is dispelled with time)


  • On Fire: You are on fire! Stop drop and roll, or find water.
  • Poisoned: You are poisoned!
  • Frozen: You have been frozen solid!
  • Carbonite: You feel a little sluggish... *
  • Frozen (Carbonite): You are frozen in carbonite!
  • Sting: You feel a little sluggish... *
  • Chilled: You feel a little sluggish...
  • Jetpack: You are using a jetpack.
  • Healing: You are being healed by a consumable item.
  • Bleeding: You are bleeding.
  • Antidote: Preventing against poison.


* this effect can stack. Stack count is shown as a number over the icon.

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I think if possible we should allow the HUD to work as a menu, having a bind that allows you to use the mouse to see tooltips (for the buffs/debuffs for example, showing remaining duration represented by a number, etc.) and click on the ACI buttons to equip weapons.


Also, not sure jetpack needs to be a buff, that seems a little odd to me.


  • Knocked down
  • Stunned
  • Force powers (not going to list them all)​​
  • Weakened: Incoming heals and regeneration are reduced
  • Blinded: A bright flash has left you blind
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