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Can't run openjk.i386

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I'm trying to run the 32-bit version of OpenJK (multiplayer) on a 64-bit version of Linux, using the steam version of Jedi Academy I downloaded and installed via WINE.

The 64-bit binary runs without any problems, both single and multiplayer, as does the single player 32-bit binary.

I compiled the 64-bit version from source from the master pull on Github; the 32-bit version is the latest binary available from builds.openjk.org


When I start the openjk.i386 binary, the initial splash screen appears, then crashes with the following error:


recursive error after: ^1default menu file not found: ui/mb_menus.txt, unable to continue!


The crash log was written to ~/.local/share/openjk/crashlog-<date-and-time>.txt


The crash log has initialization information followed by complaints about missing a lot of files in a ui directory, with the error message at the end.


To see what would happen, I created a ui folder in the /Gamedata/base directory with an empty mb_menus.txt file. From this I was able to watch the opening sequences for Lucasarts, Raven, and Activision; after this the cursor appears over the last frame, which will repeat itself across the screen rather than moving. Nothing else happens from here.


Am I supposed to have all these files in the ui folder? If so, how do I obtain them?



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