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ERROR: EvaluateFields(): variable-sized chunk 'GCLI' without handler!


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here's the terminal output ^
It looks like it's caused by it looking for the shared object files in the wrong directory. (It's looking in `~/.local/share/openjk/base/` instead of `/usr/share/local/JediAcademy/base`)

I tried both hard-linking and soft-linking those two directories and the same exact output still occurs

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance,

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The shared object errors are fine.  It loaded the correct one otherwise you would not even get the EvaluateFields() error which exists in the shared object itself.  homepath priority is higher than basepath.


If the saves were created or from windows for example (the original jasp saves) they will not work on 64 bit at all.


AFAIK the saves may not be 100% working on 64 bit loonix but don't quote me on that.

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The saves are not serialized.  They contain pointers and make use of offsets incorrectly.  If you used openjk_sp.x86.exe to make the saves you cannot play them on 64 bit linux.  You can play them on 32 bit linux.


We're still looking to see if someone can serialize them and have tests to ensure they are the same as they are in basejka on all platforms.

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