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Random stuff to play with in Warzone

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A lot of the stuff is automatic. You should find all the maps you load have reflections, etc (if cubemapping is on in settings - increase the cubemap size option for better quality reflections).


A few things you could play with at the moment are:


g_gametype 11 - This is our mod's main gametype. Others all work but will be removed in the future and combined into a single gametype (eg: there will be arenas on the map and queue for duels, etc).


npc_minplayers <how_many_npcs_you_want_here> - Keeps the game stocked with this many NPCs from the spawnGroups lists (defaults are rebels and imperials, on mandalore also mandalorians for a 3 faction battle).

npc_pathing 0 - for npcs that spawn in random spots and just patrol their spawn point.

npc_pathing 2 - to make NPCs act like bots and run around the map killing each other, or enemy team players.


Load a map with /devmap and "/give all" to play with the new guns, etc that have been added for future use.


Try mandalore map (or mandalore2 if your FPS in mandalore is good) if you want to check out the foliage/grass/tree system.


Try the /genfoliage command if you want to add grasses/trees/etc to any map with grass or dirt surfaces.

Try the /awp command if you want to add AI support to any unsupported map. You might also need to use "/awc extrareach" and then "/awc pathtest" to clean up the waypoints.


Join our IRC channel if you want more info. I can't think of everything we have added off the top of my head.


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