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Licensing of menu files


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The menu files (other than menudef.h) are not released under GPL popular to what jk2mv devs may believe.


The menu files being on the OJK repo at this commit https://github.com/JACoders/OpenJK/tree/14cea1563762076974bee277afadbd5bf234c494/base/ui does not indicate the fact that they were actually intended to be released as such.  Being that OJK came from the zip file dump initially which was incorrect and had no license file with it we cannot assume that they should be treated as GPL just because we put that dump file on our repo initially.  When Raven made the official sourceforge versions, these files were not there and the license was there so this means they are not governed under GPL and are still copyrighted and fall under the EULA terms you agreed to when installing the game.


They are fine for mods, but they cannot be derived from and distributed with an engine project such as this.  Also the menu files included in the SDK were from 1.00 and didn't have the few that were fixed or changed in 1.01.

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