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sv_master1 switch

Clan FJA

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with older versions of OpenJK (februar 2015), we were able to change the sv_master1.

It was very useful to implement multiple masterservers using a UI button for mods which  has not already a masterserver switch in the ui.dll (OJP, ForceModIII, ...)


Now, with the latest versions, when I try to change the masterserver with a ui button, I have a message "warning, UIVM tried to change sv_master1 to master.jkhub.org"

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You can change 3,4,5.  Its protected because servers can also send the sv_master1 and change client's master server against their will.  Or randomly downloaded mods changing the sv_master1 against their will to some malicious master server.  I realize that's not your intention but its there for a reason.  1 and 2 are also not archived to the config file either so your changes would have been lost after exiting the game anyway?

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I worry about being able to change the sv_master1 the day the Ravensoft masterserver shuts down.

Can you add a cvar to switch ravensoft and jkhub masterserver browser (sv_master1) ?

With some mods, you can choose the sv_master for the serverlist (ja++ and openjk as a mod) but with some mods, you can't.

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