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If there is a "MAX_SABER_VICTIMS" define in JASP along with JAMP and JK2SP why is it affecting the number of "victims" that can be dismembered in JASP, like what I had mentioned before? Could it be the way it's being compiled from the newer compilers, or perhaps is this caused by the same thing that make certain maps not work and give out a "MAX_PATCH_PLANES" error on some maps? I figured maybe you'd know, it just doesn't make any sense to me.

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Dismemberment has not changed. Nor has the value of MAX_SABER_VICTIMS.  There isn't any sort of comparison happening that I could see that would make it relate to MAX_PATCH_PLANES error directly.


MAX_PATCH_PLANES was fixed back on January 24th.


FWIW the newer compilers aren't doing anything specifically wrong.

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I have looked at the MAX_SABER_VICTIMS in JASP, JAMP, and JK2SP and it's set to 16 in all three, and it only affects the number of NPCs that can be dismembered at one time in JASP. In the other two games you can endlessly dismember bodies regardless of the MAX_SABER_VICTIMS limit. Yes I know dismemberment has not changed, otherwise I wouldn't have pointed it out.

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It's not a problem really, I mean it's just one of those things that kinda bug you because you can never find a way around it or figure out whats whats causing it. As for the MAX_PATCH_PLANES error I've really never noticed it except one time when trying to load the helms deep map for MP.

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