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Need little tips about Weapons efx \ sounds (SP)

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I have a little request... i desire that WP_BLASTER_PISTOL, WP_BRYAR_PISTOL and WP_JAWA instead of use all the same shot efx and sound, use different efx and sound, in this mode i can make 3 completeley different weapons about it. :)

This is for singkle player game.

Anyone know how to do that? i need it works also for NPCs.


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no no, it's hardcoded :\ because on weapon.dat you can only customize the muzzleeffect and sounds :( but not the projectile, impact, or flesh impact efx and snd. : \ also the weapons.dat for what i see working about player setting of weapon, for NPC is inside the SP code. : \

Thanks for hint, however, now i got a check on weapons.dat for BRYAR, BLASTER PISTOL and JAWA

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