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Steam Group for Jedi Academy (And a couple of other games too)


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Hey, how's everyone doing?


I'm glad to find another populated site where stuff is still being worked on for the Jedi Knight series. I've been playing it a lot lately with my own group of players from all over the net, made up from people who've seen it on youtube, old school game forums, image boards, or heard about it through word of mouth. We've got about 1,070 members, and I figured I might as well advertise it here, too.


It's a vanilla Jedi Academy server with the Jedi Outcast multiplayer maps on it as a bonus. I've been hosting since 2010 and don't plan to stop anytime soon. There's a scehedule each week and I try to host often, and you can see us playing on youtube in some Jedi Knight videos here -


If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or would like to join the group, just go right ahead. The link should be in my signature below. See you around!

JOINED! Nice to see you're moving to JA. BTW what's a vanilla jedi academy server?

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