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Dusty's Patch...

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Right now I'm working on the JA side of things, but I feel like I'm getting no love

:wallbash: *cries himself to sleep*


Could anyone check out the Dusty's Patch forums just to see some of the stuff I've posted? I have my own ideas and ones that are similar to other's and Eezstreet's ideas? I want my mod ideally to become a part of this Jedi Knight: Enhanced business rather than some separate competing mod.

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If you're working with JA, I recommend forking redsaurus' OpenJK (branch: custom)

If you're working with JK2, you can fork my OpenJK (branch: jk2hd)


If you submit pull requests with your changes, we will look over them and be able to add them directly. :) I suggest talking about stuff on a point-by-point basis.

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