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Jedi Knight: Enhanced

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Jedi Knight: Enhanced





JK: Enhanced is the result of merging two projects, JK2:HD and the Gold Pack. Essentially, this project's goal is to enhance the overall performance and experience of Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy single player, both visually and functionally. This includes many areas such as gameplay, new features, better effects and models, new missions, and much, much more. To be specific, these things will be shared across both Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy:


  • OpenJK Based. On top of the benefits this mod will be providing, it will run on OpenJK, along with all the bugfixes it brings.
  • Open Community Concept. Since both JK2:HD and Gold Pack took contributions from the community, there will be no change with this merge. The community can contribute as they see fit, and we will be open to any suggestions.

  • Remastered Audiovisuals. There will be a serious attempt made to get the game running on rend2, with all the benefits that it brings. The text crawl will have improved audio and video and a more movie-like appearance. Weapon models will be replaced with improved versions. Several enemy models will also be improved.

  • Custom Games. Created by people in the community, these provide a vast amount of ways to play the game and provide for infinite replayability. For instance, a "Hardcore" custom game might exist that makes the game much more punishing to play. Creating these custom games is a simple matter of creating a special .cfg file.

  • Holsters. A functioning holstering system that places the saber on the hip when not in use, and blaster pistol in a proper holster.

  • Numerous bug fixes. A variety of issues were fixed in the game, including some game-breaking ones.

  • AI Improvements. The AI will be smarter and use slyer tactics, to the player's detriment.

  • Musical Improvements. In addition to the text crawl being in full stereo audio, the music will be changed in a few sections in both games as to improve the mood of the scene. These changes will be provided in an optional PK3.


Jedi Outcast

The features and changes originally outlined in JK2:HD will still be implemented in JK: Enhanced. Some of these follow:


  • The Lost Level, known as cairn_stockpile. This mission's existence was only discovered a few year's ago, and a completed version will be available in this mod.
  • Rebalanced Gameplay. Some of the less useful abilities and weapons have been tweaked substantially to be more useful. Generally, weapons will feel more powerful. The player will need to rely on stealth more often, but it is still only mandatory in cairn_dock. Some small changes have been made to make weapons feel more unique.

  • Continuity corrections. Small issues in the continuity will be addressed. A full, detailed list of these will be coming soon.

  • Alternate Dialogue. Some dialogue will be (tastefully and appropriately) replaced randomly with lines which never saw the light of day. 



Jedi Academy

The features and changes for Jedi Outcast will be shared in Jedi Academy, for the most part. Exclusive changes will be:


  • New missions. A few new missions will be added, perhaps a whole new tier or one mission for each existing tiers.
  • More customisation. More species options, complete with more clothing options, including more "Jedi-like" options. 

  • Potential saber builder. Allows you to actually construct your own saber out of various parts.

  • New dialogue and voice actors. If you're one of those people that always hated male Jaden's voice, you're in luck. These will be professional quality recordings.

  • Storyline changes. We all hate how awful the story in JA is. Our goal is to improve it, which could mean changing Rosh's character a bit.




Feature Requests

If you have any requests for features you’d like to see, please post them in this forum. We will not include every request, but we encourage you to ask anyway.



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