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Changing Force Power Efx by AI classes, (SP) without make a new FP.

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I am configuring the NPC files of JA game for my legacy of kain mod at moment.

When i end and all NPC i need are operative (i hope Open jk allow me to have the little... hundred of NPC i require lol )

i have that's idea:

for modding the AI i have the idea of align every AI CLASS of Jedi Academy to a kind of Nosgoth creatures.


CLASS_JEDI: wraiths and reavers (like Raziel)

CLASS_REBORN (good vampires)

CLASS_KYLE e CLASS_LUKE (Kain, Vorador, Janos Audron etc.)

CLASS_PRISONER : civilian human generic weak and no weapons.

CLASS_JAWA: ghosts and spectral creatures

CLASS_RANCOR: sluagh (soul predators of spectral realms, for make a young sluagh i used sr2 model and for a old sluagh a rancor with small scale and green texturees and sluaghs sounds LOL well, can grab the player and eat it LOL very funny as scene XD if you are not fast to cut with spectral reaver must be devoring)

same thing also for elementals, corrupted vampires, golems, etc etc.

every corrupted vampire clan of soul reaver has 2 class: one for default vampire and one for boss vampire.

some class are elemental weaknesss and elemental resistance.

example: Turelim vampires, life ina  vulcanic land called dark eden, they are ressistance to fire and weak to water and sound, so sonic weapons and water weapon making more dmg. so WP_REPEATER and WP_TRIPMINE can be deadly for a turelim and WP_BLASTER and WP_THERMAL unsueful.

in my mod the SW weapons are replaced with elemental balls of dark for blaster_pistol, fire for blaster, light for bowcaster, water\ ice for repeater, earth for flechette and for rocket launcher air.

therma, tripm,ine and detpack become glyphic expliosive human weapons so THERMAL is a fire grenade, TRUPMINE are sonic trap and DETPACK are quake sismic bomb that not make dmg, but freeze the enemyes for some seconds (after coded) 

there are another classes however for Elder God,  (i think i use for tentacles the sand creature class and for head the ATST class for shotting deadly projectiles by the eye)

however my idea it's that.

it's very hard and strong create a new force power and there are not again a tutorial for make new SP force power.

Do something like @@Serenity937 in his mod: changing the force aura powers at the second of the CLASS of the NPC using. Serenity has told me something about bthis part of code, so cannot be a trouble for changing the powers.

protect and absorb using a shader and push and grip another, need simply to edit the shader sprite of thats poerr and setting another colors in the code for the shield force at second of CLASS of utiliziers.

same thing for push, pull and grip shadering and colors for the telekinesis EFX.

i have an idea about the code for changing efx of a force power of other classes.

Maybe you not know but if you cheats game with playermodel BOBA_FETT and after you set SETFORCELIGHTNING 1-3 into the console. using force lightning you can shot.... the flamethrower efx by the tag of bolt_flamethrower of boba fett models.

i am interessed about that's part of Bobafett code. maybe can be applied for other classes for customize the efx of force lightning.

so, a monster of ice can shot a glacial - snow beam aura efx with force lightning , and a demon of fire can shot by mouth a flame breath, etc etc.

(also rancor can be breathing atk with the poison, you can see the mutant rancor enem,y for that)

so it's possibole for make elemental lightning force by other parts of the body insteand of left_hand tag of models using tags and BOBA_FETT flamethrower AI part on the programming.

I ask if @@Serenity937 or someother can see me how to change the force powers efx  file and sounds, by classes for powers like lightning, rage, drain etc.


Thanks for every answer.

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