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kneirinck / OpenJK fork - SoF2 based


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So I didn't notice the first time I saw this link to http://omgwtflol.rivercrew.net/ was actually a OpenJK fork SOF2.


So I just wanted to test it but I can't seem to start a local server to test it. Do I need to place the dll and exe in SoF2 Gold, add OpenAL32.dll from JK and start the exe?
As there ain't no readme on how to start it.


EDIT: Nvm, just had to join his server.

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Well a lot already works pretty good but I don't think it has the rend2 in it yet, I could be wrong though.

But as I saw it has some issues like :

- lightning (blue models almost everytime, only when he goes into lights , it gets white)

- impact effects and sounds (but this he has fixed but not in the build yet)

- it also seems that there are now some lightning sprites infront of every light which is new too. Maybe he added an .ent though not sure about that.


I do get a lot of yellow warnings though like: "WARNING: invalid optional surfacesprite param"

Also : PlayCinematic(): Failed to open "openinglogos.roq", I guess this is something of JK?

And sometimes I get "identification error" when joining a server other than his test server.


I haven't been able to check thirdperson yet cause it's cheat protected, but overall, I think it's coming quiet along pretty well.

But yeah, it's all playable, feels the same too but I haven't been able to shoot anyone yet :P


Our coder was planning on doing something similar but then with xreal as it has normal maps, hdr, parallax and stuff which we'd really like to see in SoF2.


Btw can anyone give me or explain me what shader to use on a normal mapped weapon for example? I wish to try it out.

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I'm the guy who created the fork.

I was surprised that someone actually found and used it :)


It was started as a small test to see if it would be somewhat possible as JA/JK and SOF2 are based on the same engine.

Never thought that I would get it to work so well already ^_^


Currently I'm focusing on the client side so it's normal you can't start a local server yet.

Because I was able to reverse-engineer the network code (excluding RMG) it's possible to just start a server with a normal SOF2 binary and connect to it.


Feel free to try it out and report bugs :P

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Isn't really small now is it :P 8 months of neat work.


In my previous post you can see the current things I found , I haven't been able to test it completely yet because its cheat protected.


Btw, once our coder is ready, he can join in, he knows SoF2 pretty well too as he has added lots of neat stuff. But currently hes busy (private life).


Anyway, keep up the good work, can't wait to start mapping with normal maps, parallax etc.

But I've got a big wishlist like cubemaps, dynamic light, skyportal, maybe a small sunflare which can be modded like skyrim for example and maybe better water. But thats for once everything is stable I guess :P

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