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Does OpenJK remove the CD requirement, and if so, why?


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So normally you need the CD to play the game. And I know having any game-related assets distributed with OpenJK is a no-no, but, IIRC, as long as you still need the CD to play the game, then wouldn't that not be a problem, as you couldn't just download in theory all the game assets and OpenJK and be able to play?

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You're expected to have a legitimate version of the assets, if you don't thats your moral choice.


However, some check for assets or cd might come in the installer.


There's simply absolutely no reason to keep checking for CD in this day in age to be in the drive and have it cause random errors if you use a no-cd.


These were some of the first things we removed because its annoying as hell, especially when developing and would likely have triggered the anti-tampering with custom builds anyway, because of a different executable checksum and memory location.

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I guess what I was saying was, if the CD check was left in, would that make it more non-illegal for OpenJK to have any modded asset files? (I'm not talking distributing the game's assets or anything, but just if OpenJK included say a fixed .glm, NPC, or things like that)

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