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jaMME is an engine modification of the game Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy for moviemaking. It’s a port of the q3mme modification for Quake 3 Arena and uses most of its features.



- demo playback control

- free camera mode

- chase camera mode

- time speed animation

- capturing motion blur

- capturing output in stereo 3D

- different output types: jpg, tga, png, avi

- playing music on background to synchronize it with editing

- saving depth of field mask

- overriding players information: name, saber colours, hilts, team, model

- realistic first person view with visible body (trueview)

- recording audio to wav

- replacing world textures with your own

- replacing skybox with one solid colour (chroma key)

- capturing in any resolution

- off-screen capturing

- capturing a list of demos

- supporting mods: base (basejka, base_enhanced), ja+ (ja++), lugormod, makermod


The mod is made to work with demo files. To learn what are they and how to record them, visit this tutorial. Enough words, watch jaMME demonstration:




Download jaMME: http://jkhub.org/files/file/1712-jamme/

Download source: https://github.com/entdark/jaMME


Now visit Tutorials section to start.

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