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Planned things still needed for release.


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- vid_restart seems to cause a heap of issues with ghoul2 code and these need to be resolved. (MAJOR)

- Dedicated should be allowed from main exe again maybe? (Possibly linked to fixing vid_restart and adding game_restart)

- sound issues on siege should be looked at @ github issue tracker.

- snd_restart should probably do a vid_restart once that's fixed if we can make it work correctly so that it restarts cgame.

- game_restart is now needed from ioq3 because fs_game has always been CVAR_INIT but, it was glitched before where you could set it on console.  This is a major code change to server and client so, it may take some time.

- some of the remaining straggling smaller issues on tracker.

- deal with xinput being bad on windows or just remove it for now.

- solve the shader parser issue or continue to make it be syntax checking.

- 64 bit, probably needs most work in filesystem and windows support still. (Also need to disable the EAX/OpenAL code on Win64 as there does not exist 64-bit libs or binaries that will work with the code used by JA)

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