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Master Thread - Read Before Posting

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General Rules

  1. Please do not ask what is possible with the source, because anything is possible! If you have a question about the particular progress on a feature within OpenJK, please use that thread, and don't make a ton of topics.
  2. Warez/Pirated software is not allowed, nor is the discussion of it.
  3. This is a forum dedicated to coding, so let's keep it that way.
  4. Please use
     tags properly!


    Recommended Forks:

    http://github.com/Razish/OpenJK - General OpenJK [JKHub Topic]

    http://github.com/xycaleth/OpenJK - Rend2





    Programs Needed/Advisable:

    Choose one from each category for optimal setup.


    Windows: Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition (free download; preferred. Community Edition is the one you want, not Visual Studio Code!!), MingW (not recommended)

    Mac: XCode

    Linux: vim, emacs, or another editor; gcc to compile.



    SourceTree (preferred): Download Here

    Github App: Windows / Mac / Eclipse

    Git CLI: Linux / Solaris / OpenBSD / Windows / Mac







    Learn How to Code:

  5. General C++ Tutorial
Git TutorialHow to compile OpenJKOpenJK Wiki







Common Issues

These are categorized in "[Compiler/IDE] - Error" format

To browse and report bugs for OpenJK that don't involve compiling specifically, visit this link.


[Microsoft Visual C++ 2010] COFF file error

[Windows/CMake] NSIS Error: Later versions of CMake have an issue with NSIS. If you are having issues compiling, try falling back to an older version of CMake, or comment out this line.







Chat online with other coders via the JKCommunity Discord. (#coding channel)






OpenJK and the JA source release follow a GPL license. Here are some general things you should know before you dive into the engine code:

You must be prepared to provide all source code. GPL requires that you give source code to anyone that asks you for it.The game is not free. You must still pay for the game in order to get access to the level files et al.You can use this to make a standalone. Please be aware that additional Star Wars license issues may arise.Standalone games may not contain original game assets, and likewise we cannot distribute any game assets with OpenJK that aren't cleared by Raven first. So far, the ext_data folder and patch assets (ie, the 4 new maps introduced by JK2 Patch 1.03) are allowed to be distributed, with the exception of ext_data/NPCs, ext_data/sabers, and ext_data/vehicles.If your game consists of modified assets, ie, a reskinned Kyle or whatever, you may not distribute the assets and the .exe together.Standalones can be for-pay, as long as they follow the general guidelines above and contain no Star Wars references. The details here are a bit murky however as this is mostly uncharted territory.You cannot rig SDK code up to work only with a modified engine. Doing so requires a conversion from the SDK license to the GPL, and therefore requires you to go open-source. Otherwise, you'd be breaking both the SDK license and the GPL.Raven and Activision are the sole entities which can prosecute for violations of the license, but you still may be shunned by the community!Disney is not legally obligated to defend anything other than the Star Wars license. This code is licensed by Raven Software and Activision.You are not allowed to use the original release code that was linked by Kotaku and others. This code contains Rad Game Tools code, as well as Feelit, Xbox Development Kit code and Carmack's Reverse. Using that code requires redistribution of your source code, which contains illegally relicensed code. I hear Microsoft has great lawyers. Edited by eezstreet
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