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Hello people, I'm jedi_hm2 from the Jedi Betrayal modding forums. I am a member of Jumanosft, the team currently working on the Jedi Betrayal mod and the Spirits of the Sith mod, and I'm requesting some help from you guys.


We need some talented coders and modelers to aid in completing our mod. If you have a moderate level of experience in modeling and/or rigging or coding in JA, and the desire to help out a small community that's trying to make a new Jedi Knight game, please apply here: http://jk4.atlantean...hpBB3/index.php


It's not essential to be an active member of the team, just to complete the task given to you if possible and to check in at least once every week or month or so, to see going on with the mod and such. Again, if possible.


A very big thank you and regards to all of my fellow JA and JO modders out there,

~Jedi_hm2, out.



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