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Weekly JK2 Tournaments


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Hello all, Name is TheReferee, and i have recently set up a JK2 server for tournaments of all types (duel, TFFA, Instagib, etc).


DISCLAIMER: I am not a clan/group/guild/community, i do not own a clan/group/guild/community, and i am not recuirting for a clan/group/guild/community (I may later ask for people to help me with tournaments).


I will be hosting a tournament every Saturday between 2 - 5pm EST (subject to change if necessary).

Unfortunately I don't have an effective way for everyone to register, so if you want to play in the tournaments please show up an hour~ in advance so i can make the bracket (if you have an idea please contact me).

For the first couple of weeks the tournaments will be 1v1 saber duels, single elimination bracket, best 3 out of 5.

Every one is invited to join

The  rules for each tournament will be explained before the start of a tournament.

The winner of the tournament will get his/her name on the servers leaderboard (better prizes are to come if I get enough people).


Game: Star Wars - Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

Server: ...........Pro@. (

Time: 2 - 5pm EST

Date: Every Saturday

Game Types: Duel, Force  Duel, Instagib, CTF, TFFA.

Register @ ProAt,webs.com


Rules: Explained before each tournament.

Prize: Name on servers leaderboard.


If you have any questions regarding this tournament please contact me at the following:

xFire: ypowtech

Steam: 2young2kill

Email: 5x5awesome@gmail.com


Thank you all for your time, hope to see you Saturday :D.

~ Chris, Referee


EDIT (1/1/13): A found a way to do registration for now, http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/i67ULzTrxo < this is where you can register for the tournament, if you really dont want to make an account for this please either post  your in game name here or contact me via one of the methods listed above.


EDIT (1/9/13): ProAt.webs.com is now the best way to update yourself on the latest tournaments

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I actually went to the first tournament of 2013 ^_^ So I guess I can give some feedback ^^


First of all, I had never expected to see that many people on the server, it was full (20 slots open that day, it have been set to 32 now) ^^ Secondly it was quite fun to participate, I only saw great players :)! And thirdly, it was lovely to see how the spectating players respected the duelling players by not standing in their way or anything like that :) They were just standing there and waited patiently for it to be their turn :) - Looking forward to more duel tournaments ^^

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