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  1. Alright it’s not done yet and I am still trying to get some things right but I figured I better post again before everyone loses faith. This is a map I made for my tournaments that I run weekly. The textures are just place holders for the most part; this will be my first map that I am trying hard on the lighting because before this I never really cared about lights or textures for that matter. I am not yet at a point where I am 100% happy with the maps layout yet so until that happens I’m going to keep working on it; however, this map is not very far off from a map that I was thinking about making for jk4. This map makes is a stepping stone to making dueling more systematic and a more controlled environment. A buddy of mine helped me add glm's to the map so if you do not run this map on a glm supporting mod you will not see the player models in the "Hall of Fame" (where all the winners of the tournaments go and also Pro@Staff go). https://www.dropbox.com/sc/pkvv46pbpb9x5z9/BR0q5_cYxG <--- pictures https://www.dropbox.com/s/034ps72eqexkg8o/ProArenaV3.pk3 <--- Map If you want to see what the map looks like with all its features you can go to my server [Pro@]Tournament Server or
  2. Alright we have given in.... We are opting for an easier route by just making an exe that potentially uses a different masterserver (is that still safe?). We still plan to release new textures/maps/gametypes/combat?/ and whatever else comes to mind. We get that JA++ does some of the same stuff we want done but jk2 just feels all around better to us. And in an effort to spike maybe just one of your interests I want to tell you a little more about what we want to do. First: We want to make dueling a more important aspect of the game no more sitting around and talking all day long or yelling at people for “laming”… We do realize that this is important to many jk players so we still want to supply that to everyone that wants it but not as high a priority to us. We want to do this by changing the dueling gametype so that it allows for more than one set of duelers at a time but gives each pair of duelers their own space – that space will be smaller than any current duel map to reduce trolls (running, etc…) ruining the gametype. Second: We want to add a stats system so people can track their k/d, hours played, highest ks, etc… to ensure that stats are not boosted or obtained by cheating we want this to be a mod that only our servers have so that way we can better monitor stats. Stats will be uploaded to a website and everything can be looked at there. I hope I gave you guys what you wanted for information? Maybe? A little? I am working on one map for another project right now but I will have a map up so you guys can see I'm serious soon? Hopefully. If there is anything else you guys would like from me to prove myself just let me know and ill see what I can do. Thank you all for the information over the past week or so it’s been really helpful and sorry for my early crappy posts >.>.
  3. Let me throw an idea out there and you guys tell me what you think. What if instead of making this a stand alone, we made this a mod for jk2 with a new exe that would overwrite the current jk2mp.exe. That should, for the most part, avoid all asset remakes and potentiall law suits, correct?
  4. @@minilogoguy18 - later down the line when we have something to show everyone would you be interested in helping the project with your magic animations??
  5. I ment simple as in you only have so many controls and all the actions are planned. you dont have kill streaks or heli's and tanks to worry about or headshots vs leg shots kind a thing. I guess a good phrase to sum it up would be easy to learn hard to master ?
  6. Is it possible to make new animations for jk2?
  7. hmmmmmmmm..... that is a rather long list. (looking at jk2's cfg) we would be disposing of a lot of those moves however. Does anyone in this community do animations?
  8. No one knows if the source code was released under the gpl not even rich could tell me if the source was under GPL.
  9. We are deleted all the assets files that are not going to be needed in the new game. We will also be deleting their reference in the code later on down the line. where are the animations located? I can't find anyone that is 100% sure on the GPL. So far all we really know is that we need to re do all the assets. The code is unclear but we have been told as long as it's open source and free we should be clear of everything. If we can get a professional to look at everything and tell us one way or the other that would ideal but until than this is the plan.
  10. As long as we dont make money - release the game for free, make it open source, and change everything in the assets folder that we plan on using.
  11. For right now it also gives us our own exe to run jk4 from because its the original compiler.
  12. Another question: anyone have access to a Visual Studio 6.0 link/download?
  13. Anyone know how to make new font files to avoid copy rights? Currently in jk2 the font is fontdat.
  14. That is what we are calling it for right now just to make life easier we don't really want to come up with a snappy name xP. It will, for now at least, have code from jk2 until we can get a programmer in there and change some things around for us but assets will all be different.
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