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Progress Report: April 2024

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Plenty to talk about, so let's get started!


The 2nd level in Luke's Dark Side ending is coming along very well. The most complicated portion has been completed, so all that's left is to fill in the blanks!

More than likely this level is about 50% completed, as the part that mattered the most took a very long time to complete. I'm very proud of the work and I can't wait to show you all more. However, I can't show off anything right now, but I hope in the next report I'll have something cool to show you all.

Obi Wan GIF by Star Wars


We were able to gather up more characters to bring to Galactic Legacy in the next update! YAY! Here's a list of who they are and where they'll be going. I'll provide a more complete and organized list once Luke's ending is completed.

  • General Mohc (Officer Uniform) (Galactic Empire) by Jeff
  • Vette (Knights of the Fallen Empire) (Eternal Alliance) ported by Jeff
  • Toryn Farr (Rebel Alliance) by Jeff
  • Leesub Sirln (Civilians) by Jeff
  • Lak Sivrak (Civilians) by Jeff
  • Royce Hemlock (Galactic Empire) by SebTheAlchemist
  • Tusken King (Civilians) by Jeff
  • Sabine Wren (Model Update) (Rebel Alliance) ported by SebTheAlchemist from Galaxy of Heroes
  • Garazeb Orrelios (Model Update) (Rebel Alliance) ported by SebTheAlchemist from Galaxy of Heroes


A long requested feature that we've been asked for is the ability to customize an NPC's skin RGB.

So....yeah....we did that.

npc rgb1 1

npc rgb2


So there's a bit of an announcement to make with my personal life. I'm moving.

As some of you might know, moving is a hassle, and settling down in a new home can be a fairly lengthy task.

As things stand right now, myself and my fiancee will be moving to a new home on May 31st. Because of this, I have decided to take some time away from the mod and focusing on creating this new home and starting a new chapter.

While I'm not saying that I am stopping all development on the mod on my end until this time is over, this will sadly mean that there will be no Progress Reports for the month of May or the month of June.

During this time, I will continue developing what little I can, but primarily focusing this May on getting everything packed up, and then spending June to unpack and create a new home.

Our next Progress Report will be in July, hopefully will more exciting news to share!

We'll of course continue to post new previews for new things as they come along, so please don't consider this page or this mod as dead, we're still very much alive!

As always, thank you all for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.


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