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Progress Report: January 2024

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Hope you all have had a great January and that your year has started off well! This January, more progress is made! YAY!


Luke's dark side ending is coming along very well, with a number of new assets being created. This story is starting to come together, starting with a mission aboard the 2nd Deathstar! Lwkill, our super awesome mapper, has been hard at work putting together a wonderful environment for you all to explore, and I'm really looking forward to showing more as the level is put together!

I would like to apologize for the lack of specific updates with this mission over the past few reports, so I would like to offer you all the first cutscene of Luke's Dark Side ending for your viewing pleasure. Please keep in mind that anything with this scene is subject to change. However, this scene does not contain any real spoilers, so there's no warning behind this one. I hope you all enjoy the scene along with an amazing performance by Sonam Burke!



Myself, the original author Darth Voiid, and Basil Bonehead have at last recorded a commentary for the Operation: Knightfall remake! We hope you'll consider watching and enjoying the many stories behind the creation of our largest mission to date!



Regarding the Inquisitor sabers. We got them working! Yay! We've implemented a very basic functionality to let you spin them and stop them from spinning at will. A huge thank you to Darth Valeria for making this possible, as well as Plasma for making them in the first place! More details should be coming in a later report as to how these sabers will impact gameplay.



Alright, a list we haven't gotten a chance to make this list for a while! New characters!

Given the small amount we currently have in the queue, the list will not be organized by faction. Instead, I'll be adding their intended faction. Additionally, I will be including a list of characters that will be receiving faction changes in order for them to be more accurate.

  • Darth Malgus (Rogue) (New Variant), Malgus will also be moved from Reconstituted Sith Empire to Unaligned Force Users. Created by Bioware, ported by Darth Valeria
  • Anakin Skywalker (Nelvaan) Pack provided by The Unguided (https://jkhub.org/files/file/4183-the-six-swole-pack/).
  • Cal Kestis (JFO). Ported/Created by Zeal (Updated Model)
  • Mandalore the Ultimate (Updated Model) Created by Engys Epangelmatikes, ported from Garry's Mod by Zeal
  • Kelleran Beq (Updated Model). Ported from Galaxy of Heroes by SebTheAlchemist, upscaled textures by YesImSev.
  • Princess Leia (New Infinities Variant)
  • Luke Skywalker (New Infinities Variant)
  • Baylan Skoll, added to Unaligned Force Users, created by ZelZel
  • Shin Hati, added to Unaligned Force Users, created by ZelZel
  • Taron Malicos, moved from Nightsisters to Unaligned Force Users


This month has been a busy one and I'm eagerly looking forward to bringing you all the remake for Father vs. Son. We hope to make 2024 a great year for the mod and one to remember in general!

We could not have done all of this without your support as well as the countless authors that have allowed us to feature their work/ports. We have a lot of things on the backburner we hope to announce soon, but for now I do hope that you all enjoyed this report. I do apologize for the lackluster reports from a few months ago, but hopefully this one at the very least led us in the right direction for your forgiveness!

I've set up a new Community Feedback form that I hope each of you will participate in! Please be as brutally honest as you would like, these responses are completely anonymous.


As always, thank you all for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.

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