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Progress Report: October 2023


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I hope everybody had a great Halloween! But unlike the holiday, this mod's development was anything but spooky! (Or maybe it was, who knows)


This month was heavily focused on the long-awaited remake of Father vs. Son. As of typing this, all major duel cutscenes have been completed, with the choice and subsequent endings still requiring development for Luke's side (and then Vader needs to be worked on of course).

I wanted to take this time to address a few changes, and also put to rest a few potential concerns regarding some possible controversy that may arise as a result of this news.

  • Less Endings: The original Father vs. Son had 8 endings. This will be scaled back to 4. The reason for this decision was because we felt that many of the endings would've taken a very similar (or simply identical) route to others that we felt had more of an impact. Other endings were omitted because we simply couldn't think of a believable story.
  • No Palpatine POV: Since the Palpatine POV in the original was only a choice duel, this POV will be removed and (SPOILER ALERT) you will only play as him if you betray Palpatine as Darth Vader in Vader's own POV.
  • All endings will be given a short what-if story: Similar to Duel of the Fates, all 4 new endings of the Father vs. Son remake will be greatly expanded on, with the non-canonical endings being given an original story to detail what could've been.


Our amazingly awesome mapper Lwkill has been hard at work this month creating and updating maps that we hope you'll get to experience soon!














A big issue that plagues most (if not all) Jedi Academy mods is that basically all characters act or behave exactly the same. Of course there are some minor AI changes depending on NPC classes, but overall, all NPCs behave roughly the same way. Other issues of course include some characters not having certain biological (or mechanical) improvements that you'd expect.

To help combat this, the first three brand new attributes have been coded to the game. More should be on the way at some point, but we feel this is a good foundation.

  • HERO: Allowing the heroes and villains of Star Wars to shine, Heroes take less damage from all sources, cannot be disarmed, are immune to mind trick and Force Fear, and deal significantly increased damage from whichever non-explosive weapon they're using.
  • AQUATIC: Aquatic characters cannot drown, simple as that.
  • HELD BY HATRED: Inspired by Darth Sion's mechanic, Held By Hatred allows a character on the brink of death to sacrifice a chunk of their maximum health to return to life and continue fighting. The more health the character has, the longer they can potentially last.


Ok! This is the big one, the most heavily requested features for the NPC Free Choice System are coming! You've asked, and we've delivered.

Next update: Model, Soundset, and Force Power customization!


It honestly surprised me how much we got done with the mod during this month, I'm very excited to bring this one out to you all. Next report we hope to have more updates on the Father vs. Son remake (including some development screenshots!) and hopefully more!

Thank you all for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.

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