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JK Enhanced Trueview option?

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Is it possible to remain in 1st person when switching to the lightsaber when switching from a gun, without automatically switching to 3rd person? 


i have trueview lightsaber enabled, but i still have to press the key to switch to 1st person every time i pull out my saber. is there anyway to bypass the switch to 3rd person?

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2 hours ago, Badassiousness said:

is there anyway to bypass the switch to 3rd person?


Yes, though it is not a very smooth transition right now which is probably why it isn't default. You'll need to put this command in the console:

cg_trueinvertsaber 1

I have no idea why the command is called that but it should do what you want, just with a slight stutter between switching from a weapon to the saber.

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