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Porting SWTOR Models into Jedi Academy / NOT WORKING ANYMORE / HELP

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Greetings, probably some of you saw what I or others did for modding Jedi Academy

Like porting characters from the game and converting them into JKA for example

And we were using Ninja 1.7.1 to port this

But unfortunately 1.7.1 doesn't work anymore, I mean it ports characters into million pieces, terrible quality and incomplete


I got Ninja Ripper 2.0.11 and tried again but it causes SWTOR to crash all the time


This new Ninja Ripper uses both d3d files and dgVooDoo2

And it seems its dgvoodoo2 causes game to crash or stop working or not responding


I wonder did anyone tried new Ninja Ripper and port player characters from SWTOR?

Or managed to port characters without crashing or something


I would like to know and if there is a way, please let me know

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As I mentioned, newer versions of Ninja Ripper doesn't work in SWTOR

But I decided to test old version again


Then I realized that Ninja Ripper doesn't work only on my own characters

But it works on other player characters or npcs


So we have hope

May the Force be with us all

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