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Is there is playermodel list in-game like there is a map list?

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If you press tab after typing "map " in the console, it lists all maps (even customs).

Is there a similar thing for playermodels? I have many mods downloaded and am finding it hard to keep track of all the names.

Thank you!


EDIT: I also would like to ask this same question about weapons, as I also have several mods for that.

As well as I am playing on Movie Duels, which I have been further modding, which I assume would affect how I would find items.

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I believe the best you could do is the directory command to see the list of model folders, but it shows you every file in the folder so it can be a lot to scroll through.

dir models/players

You could type the first letter of the name to make it easier.

dir models/players/a

Will show all the model folders that start with A.

The command skinlist can show you a list of skin files.

If you're looking for NPCs you can use the dir command for that too, though it won't show you each entry, only the files.

dir ext_data/npcs

Perhaps someone else will know of other ways but those are the only ones I know of. I usually end up just opening the PK3 files to see what I'm looking for. It's a bit faster than scrolling through a long list.

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3 hours ago, Circa said:

 usually end up just opening the PK3 files to see what I'm looking for.

I was afraid you'd say this, that's what I've been doing up to this point, but I can always make my own masterlist.

This question is also sort of related, as I've been using the command "playermodel *NAME* model_default model_default model_default" to change skins, as some won't work without the model_default. Is there any way to fix/mod this so I don't have to keep typing the extra?


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Not without code changes. I haven't played Movie Duels but I'm surprised they wouldn't have a menu to change your model easier.

The playermodel command used without the skin file lines will use the NPC name, whereas using the skin file names (model_default) will use the model folder name. This is why it is important for mod makers to make their naming consistent between the two, but rarely do because they may not know or care.

I say that because if you're changing playermodels as often as you suggest, and you're not playing anything with cinematics, you could just use the NPC name to make it easier.

You could also bind the playermodel commands to a key to make it even easier if you're only using a handful or as many free keys as you have.

Another solution is to make your own menu that you can bind to a key that will set your playermodel to each that you specify in the menu, but that would involve learning how to code menus which can be quite cumbersome to do.


I'll also note that if a model has SP menu support, you could always use my ingame menu mod, although I have no idea if it works with MD. Probably not, but if you add the entries to the menulist.txt it should work fine.

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8 hours ago, Circa said:

You could also bind the playermodel commands to a key to make it even easier if you're only using a handful or as many free keys as you have.

 First I just want to express how much I appreciate the replies, they have been very informative, and I have already learned quite a few thing about the game that I did not know.

Some mods that I have installed do not have NPC support, which I'm guessing are the ones I have to use the model_default command for, as I do have some skins that will allow me to just use the name with no issue.

Although I do have quite a few free keys, your suggestion of a menu is very interesting.

I've been essentially playing this game as a sandbox lately, I'm really only using Movie Duels as a base because it comes with tons of maps, character models, music, and a lot of gameplay tweaks I like, and I've just been piling maps and playermodels on top, just to mess around with (duel, take screenshots, essentially Star Wars GMod) so as far as cutscenes, I don't really think I'll have any issues.

Movie Duels actually has something similar to your ingame menu mod, and some of my skins do show up there, however many do not.

I think the reason is probably because a lot of my skins are old, and come from mrwonko.de, which are very barebones mods.

I'm really looking to learn as much about this game as I can!

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Using the game as a sandbox is one of the best parts of the game, so I definitely understand. That's how I played the game for over a decade. That's also why I learned how to mod the game, because it made the sandbox even more customizable and fun.

You can learn how to put skins in the menu using this tutorial below. It's quite easy once you learn all the parts that are needed. I used to do that for every model I had in my base folder back in the day.


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