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Progress Report: March 2022

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A progress report released early?!


This April Fools, we are releasing the first of our annual April Fools events! The first will see to a small modification of the Darth Maul vs. Count Dooku fight, where Maul will fight against an evil dentist who was "supposedly" hired to clean Maul's teeth! This update was sneakily added into our prior updates and has laid dormant for many months. Coming every April 1st, you can play this alternate scenario in Darth Maul's extended ending, we hope you enjoy it!

But what if you can't play the mod April 1st? Don't worry, there's a solution. If you want to play the mod at any time in April Fools mode, simply set your computer's internal clock to April 1st of any year, and enjoy the silliness.


It has come to my attention that since releasing the mod back in Devember 2020, that aside from a cutscene remake of the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise, we have announced many missions, none of which have released.

This is unacceptable.

In an effort to make it up to you all, our next mission will be The False Emperor, from the first endgame flashpoint in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Playing as either the Jedi Knight, Sith Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter, or Republic Trooper, it will be up to you and your companions to defeat Darth Malgus and stop his reign before it has a chance to begin.

This bonus mission will be the first multi-POV bonus mission released, breaking our initial tradition. Additionally, this mission is looking to be the most code-based mission, as several new mechanics will be introduced to this mission that will not be available in any others to make the experience equally as enjoyable regardless of which character you play as, such as Damage reduction to yourself, and damage increases with your respective character's favorite weapons.

In efforts to provide as high a quality as possible, we are providing you all with an Open Beta for the Jedi Knight POV of False Emperor. If you wish to play this for yourself, please download the following file, and help us even further by providing feedback in our attached Google Form.

While playing as the Jedi Knight, you will receive the following benefits:
- All incoming damage from Darth Malgus will be reduced by 50%
- All lightsaber damage from you will be increased by 50%
- Your force regen will be increased to 1 force point per 2 milliseconds
- Darth Malgus will not push away any incoming missiles from the bounty hunter character.

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11zJYbENUiqD_0shs95FtdxFzquF2wJwx/view?usp=sharing
FEEDBACK FORM LINK: https://forms.gle/rMwMY3jHgQFg7X5T9

The False Emperor will be released on Friday, April 15th.

SWGL SP x86 2022 03 21 08 26 10

SWGL SP x86 2022 03 21 08 25 54

SWGL SP x86 2022 03 21 08 25 43

SWGL SP x86 2022 03 21 08 25 33

SWGL SP x86 2022 03 21 08 27 23


Not releasing with the False Emperor, but a later update, we have attained a collection of brand new characters! Please keep in mind that this list is not final and may be changed at any time. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment with a link to your desired character and the author so we may ask permission.


- Kao Cen Darach
- Leeha Narezz
- Satele Shan (Updated model)
- Satele Shan (Exile)
- T7-O1

- Dark Honor Guard
- Darth Jadus
- Darth Maladi
- Darth Thanaton
- Sith Training Droid (Umbaran Sith Academy)
- Vestara Khai

- Ara Barotta
- Lumas Etima
- Marva Zane
- Stass Allie

- Leia Organa Solo (Jedi Knight)
- Luke Skywalker (Dagobah Training)
- Luke Skywalker (Jedi Trainer)
- Luke Skywalker (Sith Apprentice)
- Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony, New Model)
- Mon Mothma (TFU)

- Boc Aseca (New model)
- Coruscant Guard
- Emperor Palpatine (Clone), Somehow this one returned too

- BB-8

- Cardinal
- Commander Pyre

- Boba Fett (Resurfaced), Daimyo of Tatooine variant

- Chop'aa Notimo
- Nym

- Cereans (Male & Female)
- Chazrach Warrior
- Gorax
- HK-77 Assassin Droid
- IR-9X Replicator Droid
- Rakghoul
- Tsavong Lah

- Cassus Fett

(Though none are force users, they do still fit in their respective sub-factions)
- Hylo Visz (Eternal Alliance)
- Skytrooper (Eternal Empire)
- Theron Shan (Eternal Alliance)
- Tythonian War Droid
- Z0-0M (Eternal Alliance)

- Lord Ukerin


One of our prior updates saw to the introduction of our first set of Special mechanics, allowing the Inquisitorious characters to adjust their lightsabers as necessary, Cal Kestis to be unpredictable in his saber configuation, and Darth Sion to be true to his title as the Lord of Pain and regenerate himself upon defeat. Our False Emperor update to see to new special mechanics for the Lord of Betrayal, Darth Traya.

Inspired by her kit in the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Darth Traya's new mechanics will allow her to react accordingly as the Lord of Betrayal, punishing her enemies attacking as a team, and taking pleasure from her allies suffering.

COMPASSION IS WEAKNESS: If Darth Traya has an active enemy and she is struck by an ally of her current enemy, the ally will receive 1-3hp of damage per damage calculation (this damage cannot kill the attacker)

LORD OF BETRAYAL: When an ally of Darth Traya takes damage, Traya will heal for 5 hp per damage calculation. This healing is increased to all damage received if the attacked ally is Darth Sion or Darth Nihilus.

Darth Traya will receive these benefits with the release of The False Emperor mission on April 15th.


In this final topic, new features to be released with The False Emperor!

- A heavily requested setForceRegen console command, which will allow you to increase or decrease your force regeneration rate at any time!
- Fixes regarding some maps crashing if a func_breakable is targetting a target_print entity
- No more lag when switching weapons after using the give all command
- Better main menu music randomization

We're really looking forward to bringing all of this to you, and until that happens, we hope that you enjoy a small alternate take on Maul's extended ending, and Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga when it releases!

Thank you for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you!

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