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Progress Report: November 2021


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Earlier in the week, we have released a brand new update, and based on the number of bug reports, I am pleased to announce that the new update has been a great success. Unfortunately, there have been a few bugs that I missed during development which the community has reported, so these past few days I have been hard at work correcting some missed bugs. Below is a current list of fixes:

- Corrected an issue where Jorak Uln would appear as Jorak_Uln in the NPC menu
- Fixed a glitch where Cade Skywalker's Jacket icon was not appearing as intended.
- Removed Mira from the Bounty Hunter NPC menu
- Removed a duplicate Jedi Trainer NPC in the NPC menu
- Corrected an issue where the Younglings were not spawning in Operation: Knightfall as expected.
- Corrected an issue where Darth Vader was not spawning with his lightsaber when spawned in the NPC menu.
- Removed a number of invalid Blue and Red appearances from multiple models.
- Corrected a glitch causing selected characters to be given most or all saber styles when they weren't supposed to.
- Fixed a major bug where some characters with a flamethrower would crash the game if their model did not have the tag.

Expect this hotfix to release in the very near future once we finalize that there are no other major bugs in the update and we are good to move on.



Our mission designer Darth Voiid has been very hard at work completing the remake of Lord Vader's POV for Operation: Knightfall. The mission looks beautiful, and should be entering Beta Testing in the near future. The Clone Trooper and Cin Drallig POVs will be made at a later date.

Knightfall Teaser2Knightfall Teaser1

Also with the completion of this update's bug fixes, the Deathstar Rescue mission will be resuming production. I am very excited to finally be able to work on this mission for you all. I unfortunately have no screenshots to provide at this time, but I will occassionally post on our Discord server as something interesting happens.

We also have a few other missions on the backburner, and we will announce as we have more information.


Unfortunately this was a very short report as everything interesting that was worked on has been released, and it would be a tad repetitive to report on something you can already play.

Expect a hotfix for November's update in the near future, and hopefully the start of the new year will give off more news!

As always, thank you for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.

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