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Error when compiling the source code without changes (Jedi Academy SWGL)

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Good day to all! None of the coders collected the source code of the Star Wars Galactic Legacy mod?? When I build, even without my changes in the code, when opening a map or starting a mission, the game crashes. I tried to move the compiled files to the game folder. And the file that is responsible for the sp game library swglgamex86.dll (jagamex86.dll ) it doesn't work for me.
When I try to debug, I get an error:
ntdll.pdb not loaded Unhandled exception at 0x7731E9A3 (ntdll.dll 😞 0xC0000374: The head was corrupted (parameters: 0x77354270).
Do you have any ideas how to solve my problem? I really hope for help!

P.S.: My build: Windows 7 x64, CMake 3.21.3, Visual Studio 2019 v. 16.11.3.

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