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Custom music in singleplayer

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I can think of two ways. You either use the same song for exploration, action, etc., which might mean it starts over from the beginning whenever you enter/exit combat, or you use Entity Modding to change the level's music setting from a dynamic one to a single track. I don't remember how to set up dynamic music, so I can't tell you how to undo it, but a static track is usually configured by setting the "music" property on the worldspawn.

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19 hours ago, jedley01 said:

I opened the BSP file with Notepad ++. The particular map I want to edit is t1_fatal, but there is no music setting listed in that file, only soundsets.

You will not be able to make the necessary changes with Notepad++. It's technically possible, but overly challenging. Look up a guide on Entity Modding instead, the Q3Map2 "-onlyents" mode is your friend here.

But happy to hear you found a way to achieve it with less effort instead.

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