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Does t1_danger not have its own music?

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I was looking through music mods earlier, seeing if I couldn't come up with a music mod of my own using WinRar. However, it struck me that there were only four tracks for the levels. I was confused, cause I remembered there were five, including Merchant Rescue. I went to check if it was a mistake, but sure enough t1_danger wasn't listed in the og asset file.

That brings up my question: is it even possible to give t1_danger its own track? My newbie curiosity has been piqued.

Personally I'm thinking something from Jakku might fit it, since there was that one rename mod.


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I'm pretty sure it uses the same music as t1_surprise, IIRC. You could probably entity mod the map to use a different music track. Try this tutorial:

The music line is usually the very first one in the entity list.


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