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Combine an existing model with Jetpack

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Hi all,


I have checked the modelling and skinning tutorials but somehow I feel they are a bit too general for my specific change (Correct me if I'm wrong ofcourse :) ).


I'd like to start modifying an existing model and attach a jetpack to it from vanilla jk3. I am not a hardcore modeller or skinner in any way but I feel I am learning slowly what it all means. 

Now I saw in some existing models, for example the Revan model that there were certain elements in the .skin file that had a name specific to the model like *mask, which could be turned off and on. Could this also be done for a jetpack? Which would allow me to take the jetpack from the vanilla game and combine it with the model of my choice by mentioning it in the .skin file and then attaching it to the model or would this be too simple?

Thanks for any help.

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Once you modify the model to add a jetpack, you will have to give it a name, and you can then toggle its visibility using the .skin file, just like with the mask. But you still need to modify the model first, you can't attach models to each other without that (or coding a mod).

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