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Maps & Npc's are not available

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I can't find npc's on jkg maps, I see only trader.
I see in lua there is a lot of npc's with dialogues for map jkg_arena_tatooine_night.
But for some reason this map & jkg_arena_tatooine are not present in JKG. Could anyone share it?

Also I can't find where in lua are the coordinates or maps for npc's.

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Hey @STARK NPCs are basically partially disabled in Phase 1, some of the old lua scripts, such as the jkg_arena_tatooine one no longer work because a lot of the lua functionality has changed a lot since that script was written.  You can spawn NPCs directly via console, via `npc spawn npcname`, but most of the npc behavior has been disabled since they aren't complete yet (for example we haven't hooked up NPCs to the JKG Weapon system yet so they don't know how to use the new items).  JKG_Arena_Tatooine is also an old map that has been replaced by newer ones.

Anyway, some of these things we have actually been working on in preparation for Phase 2, but it'll be sometime before they're ready for release.  Our focus is mainly on getting the next version (v1.3.23) out first, however I may have a bit of a teaser available soon in regard to dialogue and using NPCs in otherways other than as shopkeepers. 

Also if you want more up to date information or have further questions, you'll be better off asking on the Discord as I only infrequently check the forums.

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JKG Developer

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