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    Ok, does it have some dll's or it just q3map2.exe & q3map2_urt.exe & q3data.exe ? Yes, it requires some dll, and one of it is shared by the radiant (old version) & q3map2 (new version of dll). As a result q3map2 must be placed in another folder, which means commands for it must be rewrite in radiant.
  2. I have installed Gtk Radiant 1.4 and now I am looking for the proper (newer) q3map2 for it. Here getting_started is says q3map2 that comes with Radiant 1.4 is outdated. I tried to use the link there for the proper q3map2, but it no longer available. Radiant 1.4 q3map2 version crushes on compile. Please share the proper version of q3map2.
  3. I find out how to insert npc's on maps, but it's scripts contains many errors.
  4. I can't find npc's on jkg maps, I see only trader. I see in lua there is a lot of npc's with dialogues for map jkg_arena_tatooine_night. But for some reason this map & jkg_arena_tatooine are not present in JKG. Could anyone share it? Also I can't find where in lua are the coordinates or maps for npc's.
  5. It seems I found what I need inside the game.
  6. Hello everyone. Recently I downloaded Jedi Knight Galaxies v1.3.22a. I wanted to try it, but the game wasn't find any server. On a project site 2 servers are shown, are they active? Why the game doesn't see it? Besides, I want to run the server. I want to test it's capabilities, maybe mod some stuff. Can I get it? I downloaded map pack & was able to connect to 1 of 2 servers through connect command. But I don't know what to do there, how to buy stuff for example?
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